Little Shoal Bay Management Plan


Every Council is required to have a Management Plan for each reserve under its control. (Reserves Act, 1977).

The aim is to ensure that the development, management, use and enjoyment of the reserve is based on sound resource management through the involvement of the public expressing their needs.

Management Plans set out the objectives and policies for the park, identified and resolved after a full public process of discussions, submissions and hearings.

Once adopted, the Plan may be changed, but only after another full, open and consultative public process.

The LSB Management Plan was adopted and became operative in December, 1997. A hard copy of the plan can be viewed at the Birkenhead or Northcote Public Library or you can download a PDF document here: Management Plan: Little Shoal Bay and Le Roys Bush Reserves

It is important to note that Council officers and some elected members are determined to change all existing management plans by developing a common management plan right across the region. This proposal will require local communities to insist on retaining all of the important protections and features of these special reserves as they want them, and not succumb to pressure to change for purposes of convenient standardisation.

Contents of the Plan:

Part 1:

  • Statutory requirements

  • History of the Bay

  • Bush environment

  • Marine environment

  • Landform, stormwater, geology.

  • Flora

  • Fauna

  • Facilities

  • Landscape

  • Leases / licenses

Part 2:

  • Current use

  • Future use

  • External considerations

Part 3:

This is the really important section setting out the:

  • Goals

  • Objectives and

  • Policies. (pages 32 – 46)  These objectives and policies should be adhered to at all times and not be altered by Councillors, Council Staff, or Local Board in any ad hoc way.

These pages (pages 32 – 46) are the most important.

The maps on pages 57, 59 and 61 are also very important and link to the policies and legal matters including the Resource Management Act and Reserves Act.

Other matters:

See page 49 for the outline of the Management Plan Process and page 48 for the Plan Change Procedure if changes to the established plan are to be undertaken, whether by Council or the Local Board.

These procedures are required to be undertaken by the Reserves Act 1977.

However, Council staff are now wanting to remove these locally discussed and community designed Management Plans so that they can replace the different requirements and needs from place to place, with a generalised “one plan fits all” Management Plan to cover all parks.

This is contrary to the Reserves Act allowing major public input and determination of their wishes for the various needs and differences from place to place and different communities.