Another view on how to fix the Freedom Camping problem - Personal view of the Chairman.

A left over from the previous government, the ‘Freedom Camping Act 2011,' is causing ructions across the country. Local authorities are finding freedom camping and its consequences virtually impossible to deal with, and communities are showing growing resentment.

The concept is unacceptable and unsustainable. It is ill-conceived, anti-community, and anti-environment. Anti-environment because encouraging increasing numbers of tourists to travel here further increases the fragile climate problems, both internationally, and here.

Toilet paper blowing the breeze along scenic routes, plastic debris and other rubbish scattered about, hardly maintains the advertised merits of this beautiful, “clean, green country.” Nor does more and more human waste in streams, lakes or the bush assist our declining water quality.

Although passed supposedly to assist our GDP, this Act is having some unfortunate effects on smaller business like traditional camping grounds.

This confused and confusing Act should be repealed. However, If the government wishes to persist with this ill-conceived concept of ‘freedom camping,’ it should use some of its revenue from its ‘Visitor Tax’ to provide or purchase a few areas of land around NZ for these well heeled visitors and to also ensure close monitoring and enforcement of the appropriate rules on these Government sites.


UPDATE: Please visit Have Your Say NZ – it contains further very helpful information provided by Jeremy Richards.


Freedom Camping is Planned for  Little Shoal Bay

Auckland Council is seeking the reaction of residents to a new bylaw that would allow Freedom Camping in Vehicles in many Auckland parks and beauty spots.

We need your help in telling Auckland Council NO to Freedom Camping!

You can read about the proposals by visiting these links on the Auckland Council Website:
About the proposed Freedom Camping in Vehicles Bylaw
Have your say on Auckland Council's proposed freedom camping bylaw

You can send your feedback to the Auckland Council here:
Freedom Camping in Vehicles Feedback Form

Or click this link for other ways to send feedback to the Council:
Ways to have your say about the proposed Freedom Camping in Vehicles Bylaw


There are several other parks on the ‘Shore, which are also proposed as bases for Freedom Campers, so pressures on our parks will be quite widespread. You may wish to comment on some of those as well.

Please send your feedback to the Council as soon as possible:

Freedom Camping in Vehicles Feedback Form

And/or send in your own written submission.

For suggested guidance on how to fill out the submission forms click here.

We will provide further information on this website soon, and will keep it updated. Meantime, if you care about our parks, and especially become involved and let you friends know too.

Thank you. Your interest and assistance is invaluable. 

Tony Holman
(Acting Chair.)

New Council Proposals for Freedom Camping

Council is proposing a region-wide bylaw to deal with the increasing numbers of ‘Freedom Campers.’ This has now been published for submissions.

“Freedom camping” means non-payment for camping in areas that are not camping grounds – mostly public parks.

Currently their proposal would prohibit any camping on the seaward side of the road through the bay, but would allow camping of non self-contained vans over the rest of the reserve (primarily the Dudding field and the adjacent large parking area (i.e. vans without toilet or cooking or ablution facilities).

This proposal would override the Reserve Act Management Plan, which currently does not permit any camping in this reserve. (That is true of most reserves that have management plans.)


Please advise your views on this matter by using the contact us formYour views do matter.

Climate Change

Rising sea levels have resulted in increasing major floods over most of the Little Shoal Bay reserve. The main field (Dudding) has been the most visibly affected.  Some of that field is also sinking as water infiltration increases.

The parking area near the Bowling Club, and the Dudding Field.

The parking area near the Bowling Club, and the Dudding Field.

Two solutions have so far been suggested:

  1. Do nothing, and let the area gradually be reclaimed by the sea.

  2. Build bunds around the perimeter of the affected areas and build up the level of the field. (It seems that soil would be available from other Council works.)

Do you favour either of these suggestions?  If so, which one, and why?


Do you have another suggestion?  Please advise.